The Lighthouse Project

artwork by Jackie Hudson Lalor

The Lighthouse Project is a series of site-specific, curated multi-disciplinary artist responses to lighthouse sites around the country.

The lighthouse site I worked on was Drogheda East Light in Mornington. The other artists involved were Rósín Ward Morrow, visual artists Jackie Hudson Lalor, poet Jessica Traynor and videographer Laura Sheehan.

We all created new work for the project, and in my case I wrote two new songs, “Ship of Theseus” and “To The Lighthouse”. 

We have recorded them specially along with Róisín and Jessica’s work for the audio trail part, with Rósín on fiddle, mixed and mastered by Trevor Hutchinson. (I played the guitars and mandolin on Róisín’s tracks also).

The idea is that you visit the site and listen to it in situ to see how we’ve responded to the site, but by the magic of technology, you can listen to it here:

And the brochure is here:

It’s a really unique project. Enjoy!